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 Got pain?

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PostSubject: Got pain?   Wed Apr 25, 2012 8:21 pm

If you don't mind being your own guinea pig, you can try this on your arthritis or sore muscles and you might be amazed. Then you might wonder why it is they sell similar stuff in Europe and Canada over the counter but nobody ever heard of it here. This class of stuff, if you want to look it up, is referred to as topical NSAIDs. The topical NSAID I have been using contains ibuprofen, which I can't take orally because it shreds my stomach. If you have the same problem, and you try this, report back please. If you do this, be aware that it is not an FDA approved use of ibuprofen here in the U.S. You can have similar stuff compounded by a compounding pharmacy but you have to have a prescription. The one I originally got was about a half cup, of 4% of another NSAID, called Diclofenac, plus some type of lotion . It cost $35. If you can't afford that...

Take a few tablets of uncoated ibuprofen and put them in a cup with just enough water to get them all thoroughly wet. Let that sit for a few minutes. Stir into a thick paste. To the one part of ibuprofen paste add 3 parts hand lotion of your choice.

Dab a little bit on a small spot to test for sensitivity. If all seems well, put it on all your sore joints and thank me in the morning.
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Got pain?
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