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 life is fraught with peril

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PostSubject: life is fraught with peril   Mon Oct 03, 2011 1:45 am

as i sit here with twelve dogs beside me (might as well be)... i cant stop thinking about this. my step father is dying. inoperable brain tumor. they tried to cut it out vefore but no hope for him now....

i feel need to tell you a story....

his name is james wayne keddrell....

he came from very humble beginnings but destiny drew him to his greater self. he was simple child of simple roots. his mothers name was rose cookson. she lives in pittsfield maine.

as i write this i can not even begin to tell you what this man meant to me. i would like to start with what he meant to someone else. no one among us can imagine what it is like to grow up in an adoptive family unless we have been there ourselves. no one among us can blame anyone for feeling the rage from "having been lied to all these years" but i feel compelled to tell you this my brother because i know you are listening... and i love you most when i say this.... i remember when you skinned your knee on alta blvd in vegas... i remember the fights you got into when you were in jr high. i remember the nonsense of high school and all the times a guy with his kind of clearance clarence pulled your fat out of the fire. i remember every rotten thing he did to me in the 'name of control and how i hated him for it. i remember going to school with reproductions of nasa photographs taken from original moonlanding ('oooh done in studio by my father jim) i remember that he was a war photographer, he never carried a gun against his fellow man, as did my grandfather in korea. mitch... my brother, i realize we arent connected literally as family but i beg you consider this... and i realize ur all butthurt over being adopted and alledgedly 'lied to for all those years'...... firstly ur mother was an indian. secondly and of most import you have an afro... and i dont mean a littlle gerry curl, were talkin strip search, globetrotters pullin bikes outtta that shit. u were the only one who didnt get that you didnt belong with the pasty white feller. but most importantly he did not lie to you "all those yrs" when he said he was ur dad....

i dont know whole story. i admit that. i know you dont either. but i do know this. ur momma could think of no other human to care for you than him. she died of cancer. she married him on her deathbed so he could be "relatively hassle free" in regards to your custody and then he proceeded to do what most humans only see in movies for you... ive one of my own and the description is something i wont get right either.... dude hes dying... after everything he did for you all of your life that u cant call him dad and be with him just fracking disgusts me...

if you need proof of his influence on me feel free to peruse my pictures, walk a homeless dog or pay someones gas bill in december

im completely dumfounded as to why my brother can go from the white house to actin like an ass street

gawd im so fracking sad about this....
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PostSubject: Re: life is fraught with peril   Mon Oct 03, 2011 12:29 pm

I'd ask you about these homeless dogs you are walking, but your post seems to be pretty serious, I hope you and yours are ok, bud.
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life is fraught with peril
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