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 So Much for the so-called "Spending Freeze"

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PostSubject: So Much for the so-called "Spending Freeze"   Thu Feb 17, 2011 2:11 am

So Oblahblah unveiled his proposed 2012 budget and claimed that by the middle of the decade we will be taking in more money than we are paying out. But why is it that the actual figures project the smallest deficit in the next ten years at $608 billion? This plan would increase the nation's publicly held debt would rise from $9.5 trillion to $16.7 trillion by 2021. While cutting some "discretionary spending," in other areas Oblahblah is simply blowing smoke up the ass of anyone who accepts this work of fiction. For example, he relabels Pell grants and some transportation spending as mandatory, rather than discretionary.

Is he living in an alternate universe? Is he in a state of denial about his failure as president?

Or is he just plain lying?
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So Much for the so-called "Spending Freeze"
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